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Phoenix Icons

100x100 Squares

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An icon community for fans of the Phoenix family and their films.

Fan of River, Joaquin, Rain or Summer Phoenix and feeling bereft without an icon community to cater for your tastes in yum? Well stop that this instant. This community is for fans of the fantastic Phoenix's to get together and share icons of the talented family themselves, or of their movies.

So please, feel free to post your Joaquin icons here. Or your River ones. Summer and Rain, or just Rain? Post 'em, because we want 'em.

Just have a quick gander at the rules first:

1. Only post icons to the icon community. They must follow Livejournal's icon rules: 100x100 pixels, and under 40k.
2. Haven't posted in awhile? Things change, so please come here and read the rules before proceeding.
3. Respect the rules of the icons makers. If they want you to comment before taking an icon, comment.
4. Do not hotlink other people's icons. It's not picture theft, it's bandwidth theft and we take it very seriously.
5. Do not pimp icon journals here. You may post a sample batch of icons and link from there to your journal, but there will be no direct pimping here (posts that contain the words: Friend my icon journal!' will be deleted without comment). We prefer you place all your icons on the community post, but this we will leave up to you.
6. If you have made a batch of multi-actor icons and are crossposting to various journals, your preview images MUST contain icons of a Phoenix family member.
7. Do not disable comments on your posts. If a moderator needs to speak to you, we need a means to do that: the comments are that way. All posts with comments disabled will be delted.


Just to be clear, what can I post?
You can post icons featuring members of the Phoenix family, by themselves, with their family or friends. Even icons from their movies.

I just saw --- with --- Phoenix in it and I loved it. Can I post my icons from this movie?
Yes. We accept icons from their movies. Not every icon needs a Phoenix in it, but we would expect that there be Phoenix's in the mix.

I want to post an icon, but I have no webspace to store it. And I'm broke. Help?
Try Photobucket. It's free and it's good.

Who runs this place?
We do, allyoops and sleepall_day

Like this community? Then please visit phoenix_stills!

Note: For your convenience you can now find some useful links in the Phoenix Resources list!